Services & Pricing

The Pinsmith™ specializes in the repair and restoration of every make, model, and vintage pinball and arcade machine.  Everything from the antique pre-flipper no-power machine to one of the most technologically advanced modern and sophisticated electronic games, we can get them running again in no time.

To ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers, we have designed three popular package deals.  If you do not see a package deal that suits your needs, please contact us and we will customize a quote.  We know that every person has individualized needs and we are determined to go above and beyond your expectations regardless of circumstances.

Basic Pinball and Arcare Game Repair – $125 (1-2 hours)

This service is best suited for pinball machines or arcade games that mostly work but need some attention to specific problems. It includes a full diagnosis and an hour or so of our specialized experience to get your game up and running again.  This package also applies to any arcade game repairs not needing off-site monitor or board repairs.

Full Service Pinball and Arcade Game Repair – $225 (4 hours)

This is by far our most popular service. It provides a complete solution to every problem in your game, whether you knew about it or not. We will go through your game from tp to bottom, repairing anything that doesn’t work perfectly, ensuring proper connections to all boards and assemblies, replacing all burnt lamps, and performing any necessary preventative maintenance to prevent any known problems. This service will leave your game 100% operational, unless any large components like displays need replacing at an additional cost, or if your CPU has extensive battery acid corrosion.

Complete Pinball or Arcade Game Restoration – $425 (6-8 hours)

This service includes all of the repairs offered in the Full Service package, and will also make your game look like new again! Your playfield will be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and polished right down to the tiny crevices, new rubber will be installed, plastics and ramps will be polished, and the game will be reassembled with attention to the errors of past repairs and lost screws. With this service your game will not only be 100% operational, it will also look and play like it’s brand new! If your game has rubber that is cracking or breaking, or that looks old and dingy, this service is recommended, and sometimes absolutely necessary.

Game Rooms / Multiple Games

We can provide to your entire game room of pinball and arcade games.  Please contact us so that we can talk with you to determine your needs for each game. We will ensure that we give every game the individual attention it needs and work out a satisfactory price to bring your gameroom back up to your standards. We cannot provide quotes without further information, but we can guarantee that every game will be working better than before.

We provide

  • Service calls to your home or business
  • Basic repairs
  • Full playfield restorations
  • Pinball board repair
  • Arcade monitor repair
  • Maintenance / upgrades
  • Sales and trades
  • Consignment sales
  • Deliveries
  • Technical support
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


The prices listed above do not include any major parts needed, monitor repair, or board repair. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Estimated length of service call is just that – an estimate. We cannot guarantee this time.

All work comes with a 30-day warranty on work performed. If any problems occur within this time (30 days) please contact us immediately. Warranty expires thirty (30) calendar days from time of service. No exceptions.