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Our Top Tip for Maintaining Your Pinball Machine and Preventing Repairs

The one issue that we are called to fix most often for any pinball machine or arcade game owner is a very simple problem to prevent.

The most common pinball machine repair we make

pinball machine maintenance prevention repairYou go to play your pinball machine, and it doesn’t function properly.  Maybe it doesn’t turn on at all, or it has other errors.

You give it a look, but don’t easily find the problem, so you book an appointment with us for pinball machine repair.

By the time we get there, we usually find a big mess: battery corrosion all over the motherboard, most often to the point where it cannot be cleaned and we end up having to order a whole new component to replace the existing damaged piece.

The time spent is longer and costs more.  The repair requires new parts, often a new motherboard, which costs more.

Yet the entire pinball machine repair appointment could possibly have been prevented.

Like they say,

an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

and if you do this one small piece of maintenance on your pinball machines regularly, it may be possible to extend the life of your pinball machine or arcade game, and without the expense of having us travel from Dallas to make your repairs.

Easy Pinball Maintenance

All pinball machines manufactured in the late 70’s and after have a motherboard, and these pinball and arcade game motherboards have batteries.

Like most batteries, after some time they are prone to rusting, corroding, and leaking.

This corrosion is even more prevalent if you are storing your pinball machine or arcade game in a hot area – such as inside your garage, on a back porch or patio, or any other area that is not air conditioned.  It’s even more critical to do this type of regular pinball maintenance if you live in the Dallas area – in Texas – or anywhere in the Southern part of the US where temperatures climb high in the summer.  (Very best tip?  Bring it inside, into the A/C.  Tell your spouse it will save you money in the long run!)

Heat and batteries are not a good combination.  Heat makes it more likely for your battery life to be shortened, and for the batteries to leak acid, which can ruin the motherboard.

Even if your pinball machine is in an air conditioned space, and more important if it is not, the very best thing you can do to prolong the life of your pinball machine or arcade game is change the batteries on the pinball machine motherboard regulary – either annually or semi-annually.  Giving yourself a reminder to change the batteries in your GAME at the same time you change the batteries in your smoke detectors in your house may be an easy way to remember.

How to check if you have this pinball maintenance problem

Checking the batteries on the pinball machine motherboard is relatively easy – you just need to access the inside of your pinball machine or arcade game.  You should see the batteries, and they just need to be replaced with the same type.

If you see any corrosion on the batteries or the motherboard, if you feel confident that you can make the cleanup and repair on your own without damaging any of the components, you can do so.  Be sure you let all pieces dry thoroughly before replacing.

If the corrosion is more extensive, or you don’t want to risk damaging any components further, then you can contact The Pinsmith™ to receive a quote on repairing your pinball machine or arcade game.

We primarily repair pinball machines in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, but we can travel to you when required.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning that battery corrosion is one of the biggest problems pinball machines deal with. I just got this old machine that I want to fix up and make look nice again. I’ll be sure to check on the batteries first thing.

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