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I just got my pin fixed today.

If anyone need any Pinball repair in Texas new or old. The Pinsmith™ is a great person to call, I can’t type enough great things to say about his help in fixing my pin.

I needed some work done on my ES and with a horror story of a buy. He came over and fixed everything and found issue I would not of known being a pin rookie.

And not that his service was good he is 99.9% honest. Could not give him a 100% because he didn’t drink a beer with me. So what it was 10am.

But all around great guy and service. Also he teaches while he fixing the pin. Wealth of info…

Yes and i agree Evan is a good guy

Evan is a great guy.

From what I’ve read that’s what everyone says I look forward to doing business with them.

+1 for Evan. Good guy.

 Does he make service calls all the way out to Louisiana?
I agree, Evan The Pinsmith™ is THE guy to call. He did a great job on my DE SW and we had an excellent time talking pinball. He is someone you can trust. 

 100% agree. I have him helping with my 3rd game today… A full tear down / repair on TAF.

Evan worked on my machines today. Great guy. Found some issues on my TOTAN and STTNG that I didn’t even know were there. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone in the area needing their pins worked on.

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